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Travail d’équipe au bureau

Our mission


In the heart of Gascony, thanks to its team of professionals, its expertise, its experience and its knowledge of the field,


all its know-how and responsiveness to its customers.

Our foundation is built on deeply rooted values that define our identity.

We believe in the power of collaboration, joining forces with those of our clients.

Each project is an opportunity to build something meaningful, together.

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Since 2020, our goal; create a synergy of skills

We are much more than a holding company and its subsidiaries. We are guided by a shared vision of excellence and continuous progress. Welcome to the world of the DEGLAVE Group, where every day is a new opportunity to build the future together...


Created in 2014, it joined the DEGLAVE Group in 2020, 

Your trusted partner for individuals and professionals in the field of public works, trading, water and sanitation management, rental of construction equipment and machinery.

Our qualified team and cutting-edge equipment allow us to meet the most complex challenges, while ensuring the sustainability and efficiency of each project.


Created in 1959, it joined the DEGLAVE Group in 2021, 

Your dedicated company in the areas of public transport of goods, storage, logistics, handling, then rental of utility and tourism vehicles.

Drawing on our diverse expertise, we are the ideal partner to meet your complex needs with a comprehensive and tailor-made approach.

A word from the Founder

I wanted my businesses to respect my personal and family history, which is why they are located in a rural environment. It's not a default choice, it's in my DNA.

My philosophy is that of work and respect dear to our linked living area, to the harshness of working the land, to the transmission of knowledge andknow-how bequeathed to us by the elders in these Gascon countryside. The woment the men who make up our teams are all chosen for their interpersonal skills and in respect of my philosophy and the transmission of knowledge.

We exist thanks to customers, and we owe them this heritage.

Arnaud Deglave

Founding President

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